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She looks so adorable! I opted for buying the Nendoroid instead, but I can't help but like this one because she's one of my favorite Touhou girls. I thought about getting both her and Remilia Mameshika. They could be a little more creative with the stand. Oh yes, I love the picture with the sweets, are they rement?

Sonja Arashi

@Persocomsan The Nendoroid of her is incredibly adorable, but I'm not a huge fan of the Nendo proportions.

The sweets aren't rement since I seem to have lost most of them. The majority of the sweets are from a little cafe set that I can't remember the name of. It is Pinky:St sized, so I used it a lot during my Pinky obsession era. A couple of the better looking sweets (the doughnuts and one of the sandwich cookies) were made by Kumoko of the pinky-street.com forums. She sold lots of sculpey sweets that contended with rement for visual appeal. =3

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